[Firehol-support] locking down a dual stack bridging firewall with firehol

Phineas Gage phineas919 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 13:00:46 GMT 2014

That would be interesting for me, because I’ve been thinking about exactly this, multiple DSLs, when it doesn’t look there’s going to be anything faster available in our area for a long time. I haven’t asked my ISP if they support bonding, but I think it would be costly anyway, and they might want to control the routers on our end.

I still hope to also post my config as an example to the Wiki, when I get some time and maybe after I’m satisfied with the bridging. Maybe two configs, one for routing and one for bridging.

> On Nov 13, 2014, at 1:43 PM, Tsaousis, Costa <costa at tsaousis.gr> wrote:
>> I can’t stress enough the difference that the FireQOS (and probably fq_codel) has made for us. We can have 10 or more active users on our 4 Mbps / 0.3 Mbps ADSL, and well, at least you can still browse the web, to some extent. :)
> That's very nice.
> I have 3x ADSL (6 Mbps down / 1Mbps up) balanced on 130 users and it
> is working very nice too...
> I have another script 'smart-routing.sh' that handles the balancing
> (configures balancing and re-configures it when ADSLs come up or go
> down). I have not pushed it to FireHOL yet, because it is very poorly
> written, but if you want to add more ADSLs and balance them, I could
> write a small wiki page on how to use it.
> Thanks,
> Costa

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