[Firehol-support] FireQOS: Min/Max guaranteed from ISP

Tsaousis, Costa costa at tsaousis.gr
Mon Jan 26 11:15:40 GMT 2015

Hi Sim,

You generally set the max guarranteed interface speed at the interface
statement and at the classes you just commit some of this bandwidth to
each. All classes will by default use all the available bandwidth up
to interface max.
Check the tutorial at https://github.com/ktsaou/firehol/wiki/FireQOS-Tutorial

If you don't have a guarranteed rate interface though, traffic shaping
cannot be achieved.

For traffic shaping and policing to work, you have to have a
guarranteed speed from your provider. This should be considered the
max speed of the interface. Not the min.

So, if you know your provider can always give you 5Mbps, you should
set the interface max speed to 5Mbps.
Of course, doing so, you will never use more than 5Mbps, but within
these 5Mbps everything will be shapped according to your


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