[Firehol-support] IPv6 help! (and sorry for bounces)

Phil Whineray phil at firehol.org
Sun Jan 10 17:27:53 GMT 2016

Hi Rich

On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 03:16:00PM +0000, Rich Lott - Artful Robot wrote:
> Hi,
> [I originally sent this but never saw it arrive. I think my MTA config was
> rejecting emails with broken DKIM sigs, which are caused by the list. Apols
> to anyone who was inconvenienced, I've turned this off now.]
> I'm getting vexed by IPv6.
> I'm using firehol v3 compiled on Debian Jessie on a VM with native IPv6
> support.

If you are still struggling with this, can I draw your attention to
the release I just made:

In particular, the suggested way of setting up icmpv6 helpers in their
own up-front interface (with policy return) and the addition of an mld
helper may help resolve your problems.


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