[Firehol-support] IPv6 help! (and sorry for bounces)

Rich Lott - Artful Robot forums at artfulrobot.uk
Fri Jan 15 21:02:22 GMT 2016

Hi Phil and Arthur and others,

Thanks for your replies Sorry it's taken me so long to reply again - 
this stuff is incredibly difficult to diagnose and I didn't want to 
waste your time until I'd done some more testing.

I've upgraded to the 3.0.1 version and have added the suggest ICMP ipv6 
stuff to the top of firehol.conf.

I've finally got things working.

I think it might have been the difference between "interface... not src 
unrouteable" and "interface... src not unrouteable" - which do wildly 
different things. I'm not really sure what the first one does, but it's 
clearly the wrong one for me!

Thanks for your support, and for firehol itself.


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