[Firehol-support] link-balancer starting at boot

Spike spike at drba.org
Wed Feb 8 17:04:48 GMT 2017

Dear all,

been running firehol for a little while and it's amazing how well it's
working and how much it made things simpler for us, really grateful to
anybody who worked on this.

I'm also using link-balancer and in the docs it explains how you can run it
at boot:


is there any particular reason I'm ignoring why this solution was chosen
instead of running it from cron say every minute or whatever interval? To
us that's more robust also in terms of managing the launch of the script
(fiddling with rc.local and similar always ends up backfiring in my
experience). Two issues however arise with that:
- locking, in case the previous execution of link-balancer is hanging for
whatever reason
- logging, which would be good to send to syslog

does anybody have any input on this?



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