[Firehol-support] Recommended method to re-resolve domain names

Mitch Claborn mitch_ml at claborn.net
Wed Aug 1 17:57:07 BST 2018

I did try that, but it doesn't work for host names, only IP addresses. 
It silently ignores host names in the input file.  I've submitted this 
as an issue on github.


On 08/01/2018 02:10 AM, Phil Whineray wrote:
> Full disclosure: I haven't tried this myself, so maybe you did and it
> didn't do what you need. On the offchance you missed it, the original
> guide link [1] describes towards the end a firehol command line parameter,
> ipset_update_from_file, which seems like it could do this.
> Cheers
> Phil
> 1: https://firehol.org/guides/ipset/

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