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R to the corner of the Rue Boursault. The General and his wife had
returned home in advance of Marguerite. She found them sitting in the
drawing-room, with distorted faces and teeth chattering with fear. With
them was a bearded man who, as soon as she appeared, exclaimed: "You are
Mademoiselle Marguerite, are you not? I arrest you in the name of the
law. There is my warrant." And without more ado he led her away. XX.
Money, which nowadays has taken the place of the good fairies of former
times, had gratified M. Wilkie's every longing in a single night.
Without any period of transition, dreamlike as it were, he had passed
from what he called "straitened circumstances" to the splendid enjoyment
of a princely fortune. Madame d'Argeles's renunciation had been so
correctly drawn up, that as soon as he presented his claims and d
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