[Firehol-support] File locations w. ipsets

Rich forums at artfulrobot.uk
Mon Jan 18 11:54:18 GMT 2016


I'm using firehol 3.0.1 from the tar.gz file and have installed using 
./configure && make && sudo make install.

This installs as I'd expect/want in /etc/firehol etc. but now I'm coming 
to use ipsets and firehol_level_1 and finding files a bit confusing.

The config snippet at
suggests that ipsets would be installed in /etc/firehol/ipsets/

but that's not where they end up if I run update-ipsets enable foo; 
update-ipsets - they end up in /usr/local/etc/...

I think the reason is a (bug?) in update-ipsets, line 62 says


but later line 321 says

So it seems that the intent in the later line is to default to 
/etc/firehol, allowing environment to overrule, but the config is hard 
coded earlier in the script to the /usr/local/etc/firehol location.

Hope that's helpful.


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